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Bring a fresh, authentic perspective to your public speaking event, specifically for businesses wanting to inspire and empower their teams.


Caroline draws upon her childhood in farming, which shaped her life and career in the food industry and business coaching.

Her journey from rural roots to corporate success enriches her speeches with heartfelt stories, industry insights, and coaching wisdom, connecting personal growth with professional development.

Combining these experiences, Caroline effortlessly takes her audiences on an uplifting journey. Her engaging presentations not only motivate teams but also provide actionable strategies for compassionate leadership, engagement, change, resilience, well-being and sustainability.

Elevate your next corporate event with Caroline’s inspiring journey and empower your team to embrace their purpose & cultivate their own path to success.

Events can be online or in-person and tailored to a topic of your choice.

Thank you for deeply inspiring LEAF and those joining us for our annual conference, reminding us of how important it is to really feel and be connected to our natural world.  Concealed within our day-to-day determination to save the planet, we can often forget our humanness, fragility and the need for our own growth, relationships, and connections. 

Clare Mike
Director, Technical & Business Development , LEAF

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