Who we are

About us

We’re a team of passionate industry experts combining our passion for people power with helping industry-leading food businesses make impactful changes for people, place and planet.

Together we can build a better future

A team of passionate industry experts

Whether you’re in the public, private, or nonprofit sector.

Food, agriculture, environment, education, health, manufacturing, or retail…

Work from planting through to plate.

If you’re based in the basement or the boardroom,

Looking for support with incorporating climate change, net zero impact, sustainability, profit & economic challenges…

Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you.

The path ahead is filled with uncertainties. There’s no overnight solution.

Your organisation already has the resources and potential it needs; it’s about trusting our process and believing in the power of your people to navigate through these challenges.

We don’t just talk, we do.  Lead the change with us

It Takes A Village

Our village is a unique blend of specialists who are ready to guide you and your business where you envision it.  Our wide-ranging experience means that we are ready to face the future alongside you.

Our organisation: 

  • is a community of coaches, disruptors, and trailblazers
  • transforms individuals, teams, and organisations
  • creates and develops effective cultures to optimise well-being and profitability.
  • is truly inspired by the people we work with and we’re inspirational to those people – it’s what sets us apart

Our expertise lies in people-centred business transformation.


We deliver happiness by co-creating with you to deliver epic transformation that enables your people to flourish and your business to grow sustainably.

We help conscious businesses and people to feel appreciated, included and inspired.