How we work


We help you develop and implement goals for impactful outcomes, setting your business on the right path. 

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the food system requires a visionary approach.

From legislative shifts and supply chain challenges to consumer demands and stakeholder interests, the complexity can hinder progress.

At Seeds To Thrive, we craft bespoke strategic blueprints tailored to your organisation, guiding your teams through every phase of transformation.

Our mission is to position your business to succeed, leaving a legacy for future generations as a true industry trailblazer.

Case Studies

How our work has helped others

Caroline holds many years of food industry knowledge and recognition.  Her technical expertise is unquestionable, but that is coupled with deeply held values about food sustainability. She embodies the person any CEO seeking direction on a sustainable agenda should turn to.

Catherine Muriden
People Director and Board Advisor 

Caroline is able to distinguish what is important for my growth based on my values in a way that is affirming, compassionate and informed

Ellen Barrett
Mentee , Catalyse Change

Thank you for deeply inspiring LEAF and those joining us for our annual conference, reminding us of how important it is to really feel and be connected to our natural world.  Concealed within our day-to-day determination to save the planet, we can often forget our humanness, fragility and the need for our own growth, relationships, and connections. 

Clare Mike
Director, Technical & Business Development , LEAF


We deliver happiness by co-creating with you to deliver epic transformation that enables your people to flourish and your business to grow sustainably.

We help conscious businesses and people to feel appreciated, included and inspired.