Unlocking partnership collaboration across food supply chains

The Problem

Pinstone had been progressing with momentum on a client supply chain project. However, changes across the client’s market sector and within their team had caused some activities to stall and the need to re-visit the client’s strategy for engagement across the stakeholder landscape.  Pinstone was looking for an independent facilitator who was an expert in food retailing and food supply chains to help with moving activities forward.

The Solution

By bringing in a neutral facilitator with industry knowledge and a fresh pair of eyes, it enabled Pinstone and their client to re-evaluate priority workstreams and to co-design the supply chain customer proposition, which created a more harmonised way of working.

With a longstanding, very robust established relationship, there was a strong commitment from Pinstone and their client to work collaboratively through the challenges and barriers.

During the exploratory phase, we re-evaluated the current proposition by asking lots of foundation questions gathering people’s views and opinions from the Pinstone team, which led to investing in the co-creation of a facilitated workshop with Pinstone and their client.

Co-created facilitated workshop

In preparation for the facilitated workshop, we had multiple planning meetings with Pinstone to build the step-by-step agenda and approach for the day.

“The preparation work was really enjoyable, it enabled us to drill down into the process and to really think about our client, and potentially in a slightly different way beyond the day-to-day, this challenged us to think about how we move the dial for our client, and how do we support them.  It was a really good experience”

Amy Corfield – Pinstone Consultant


The workshop bought together a range of activities and skills where everyone was able to contribute, together we:

“Bringing a different perspective and drawing on Caroline’s retail and supply chain experience, was hugely valued, it made us all rethink our approach, and focus solely on the bigger picture.  Being able to hand the facilitation piece over to someone else, particularly during the workshop gave us much more thinking time.  Caroline was so knowledgeable and supported the whole workshop process. The whole experience was really beneficial and useful while also being enjoyable.”

Hannah Lloyd – Director Sales & Marketing

The Impact

The preparation work for the workshop was fundamental because it enabled us to drill down into the strengths, weaknesses, barriers and how to overcome these together.

This approach gave everyone an opportunity to input to agree:

By investing in the preparation work, we were able to agree clear actions and who would deliver them, giving a really strong foundation to keep activities on track and moving forward.

As a result, the workshop was hugely successful providing both Pinstone, and their client with new ideas and a route forward with the project and the supply chain proposition.  By creating an opportunity to think beyond the day-to-day commercial activities and focus on the bigger picture, it was extremely valuable and insightful.

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