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The Problem

With the increasing risk of Avian Influenza, a highly contagious viral disease that affects many species of wild birds and commercial poultry flocks in the UK and globally, RSPCA Assured wanted to help protect the livelihoods of its poultry farmers and the welfare of their birds.

The team needed experts to guide them with co-creating a structured project management process and generation of shared goals that would support and protect their membership community from the impacts of Avian Influenza.

The Solution

We used a co-design approach bringing together people, teams, and expertise from across the organisations, to design, build and deliver the project management process.

We looked at the deliverables to identify what needed to be done, and by who, we then formulated a project team to incorporate their ideas, what support we needed to deliver the project and the experts that we would need to work with from across the organisation for each of the tasks.

This enabled us to formulate a project plan that helped us to break down each of the deliverables in to bit size chunks, which enabled the project team and organisation to move from being reactive to being more proactive and allowed us to control the activities that took place in a timely, realistic, and accountable way.

To co-design the project we used a 4-stage project management process:

With this structured approach it bought clarity for the project team, and wider organisations where people felt empowered and supported with the tasks that needed to be delivered and people understood what was expected of them.

“Caroline’s leadership of the Avian Influenza project has been pivotal to its success. Not only has Caroline brought a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, she has helped RSPCA Assured to understand how they can proactively support its members in its response to Avian Influenza, whilst also empowering staff to implement and activate positive change. In addition, Caroline positively contributed to identifying and implementing far reaching changes in the organisation’s approach to the challenges that Avian Influenza brings.”

Darenn Plowright, SIS Consultancy

The Impact

Working with a clear structure and a path towards the shared goals, with supportive tools and training, the project teams created a strong culture of psychological safety where team members felt free to speak up and worked more effectively together, with fewer mistakes and delays.

By focusing our work on collaboration and knowledge sharing with stakeholders, we have been able to define solutions together that are robust and will reduce risk of spreading Avian Influenza.

The support of the project team and wider business network allowed us to be proactive with capturing risks that might occur, and then mitigate them before they became an issue, which meant that we were able to deliver the project on time and within budget.

This project has provided the foundation for teams across the organisation to work more closely together each other, and different stakeholder audiences drawing on each other expertise and experience to solve problems.

What they said

“Right from the beginning Caroline’s ability to mobilised us and keep us engaged, by collaborating and communicating with everyone, so that we prioritised our actions, has been inspiring. We’ve got things done and produced results.”

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