Being an Effective Change Agent Masterclass

Is your team passionate about sustainability but stuck on how to progress their projects?


This Masterclass will help you understand how to navigate relationships with internal cross-functional teams, build greater connection with key stakeholders, manage emotions and wellbeing so you feel empowered to be the change agent and leader that is within you.


  • How to embed sustainability into the strategies and day-to-day decisions across your organisation
  • How you can prepare yourself to be a more effective sustainability change agent
  • Learn how to create effective stakeholder maps, crucial for every project stage.
  • Practical tools for immediate use, that will support you to be effective at building relationships and influencing others.
  • Offering reassurance, boosting confidence, and supporting your team with the knowledge that they already have within, ready to be unleashed.

What We Offer

  • A 1-hour laser-focused masterclass.
  • A 30-minute co-creation session with a key decision-maker to choose relevant topics, this includes a stakeholder mapping exercise tailored to your team’s specific challenges.
  • Content customised to your team’s language and current business challenges.
  • Equip your team with the tools and confidence to advance their sustainability initiatives effectively. 

Book your place

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