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These sessions are designed to not only upskill but also inspire your team, fostering a culture of growth and innovation tailored to your unique vision. 

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Our masterclasses deliver practical frameworks and tools designed to empower teams and business leaders.  These resources help them co-create strategies, develop plans for essential business growth, and confidently showcase their progress.

These sessions are designed to deliver training where you need it, from laser focused lunch and learns, to half day and multiple days training, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Masterclasses

Influencing and Engaging for Scope 3 Success

Your business can tap into Caroline’s expertise by booking into a Future Food Movement 2-hour CPD-certified Influencing and Engaging for Scope 3 Success Masterclass. 

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Being an Effective Change Agent Masterclass

Is your team passionate about sustainability but stuck on how to progress their projects?

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If you are looking for someone with passion who is going to work with you and not against you, will bring a degree of humour and reality, engage with Caroline because it will be collaborative, visionary and you will go on the journey together, wherever it takes you.

Sarah Haire
Group Agriculture Director , Dawn Meats

Bringing a different perspective and drawing on Caroline’s retail and supply chain experience, was hugely valued, it made us all rethink our approach, and focus on the bigger picture. Being able to hand the facilitation piece over to someone else, particularly during the workshop gave us much more thinking time. Caroline was so knowledgeable and supported the whole workshop process. The whole experience was really beneficial and useful while also being enjoyable.

Hannah Lloyd
Director Sales & Marketing , Pinstone

Caroline understands the balancing of sustainability tensions, commercial pressures, and customer proposition, and will empower cross functional teams within an organisation, and beyond, based on honesty, trust, and openness to move things forward at pace.

Zoe Bruce
Commercial Director , Pilgrims

Caroline holds many years of food industry knowledge and recognition.  Her technical expertise is unquestionable, but that is coupled with deeply held values about food sustainability. She embodies the person any CEO seeking direction on a sustainable agenda should turn to.

Catherine Muriden
People Director and Board Advisor 

Thank you for deeply inspiring LEAF and those joining us for our annual conference, reminding us of how important it is to really feel and be connected to our natural world.  Concealed within our day-to-day determination to save the planet, we can often forget our humanness, fragility and the need for our own growth, relationships, and connections. 

Clare Mike
Director, Technical & Business Development , LEAF

Caroline is a visionary, people first leader, with an exceptional grasp of the ever-changing and complex food retailing landscape, combined with a deep understanding of how commercial and environmental sustainability are inextricably linked. This enables her to gain strong engagement at all levels and to make things happen at pace.

Matt Hood
Managing Director Food , Coop

Caroline is an extremely valuable Advisor who is able to support change inside an organisation, that is built upon an immense amount of re-life experience, an ability to operate at many different levels, she knows how to deal with the strategic questions, timescales, trade-offs, and intensely recognises the challenges both internally and contextually that organisations face.

Mark Drewell
Co-Founder & Collaborative CEO , New Foundation Farms

Caroline has nurtured and guided me to connect with my intuition, values, and mindset.  This has given me the self-belief, self-trust, and confidence to lead teams with my heart, to have the conviction to follow my values, which has supported me to drive meaningful business change, accelerate my career and to have a more fulfilling life.

Emilie Wix
Head of Engagement

Caroline is able to distinguish what is important for my growth based on my values in a way that is affirming, compassionate and informed

Ellen Barrett
Mentee , Catalyse Change

Caroline is the rarest of change agents who leads from the heart informed by years of international senior management industry experience in the food supply chain. Her sharp mind is in service of genuinely sustainable solutions whilst at the same time being cognisant and mindful of the need for a sensitive and pragmatic approach which works with the organisational realities right in front of her.

Marcus Link
Co-Founder & Collaborative CEO , New Foundation Farms

Caroline’s knowledge of the food chain is outstanding she brings experience from farm to fork, and what really sets her apart, is her emotional connection with the industry. Her care for agriculture goes far beyond just the produce, it extends to planet, people, and its impact on society. Caroline understands the connectivity points needed to create positive change, she’ll stand up for what’s right, calling out where actions are needed and doing the right thing to make a difference.

Jim Mosley
CEO , Red Tractor

It’s my love and appreciation of nature that drives me to be a change maker because it’s too late when it's gone.

Founder , Seeds to Thrive

Caroline is an inclusive leader with a strong moral compass who collaboratively engages people across the end-to-end supply chain, willing to share her extensive knowledge and always gives equal time to people across all leadership levels, teams, boards, councils, and conferences. 

Minette Batters
President , NFU

Working with Caroline I genuinely felt listened to and at ease, she helped me move from feeling overwhelmed to being more self-assured, confident, and able to take proactive and practical steps to build my resilience and support my career growth.

Sophie Collins
Team Leader

The preparation work was really enjoyable, it enabled us to drill down into the process and to really think about our client, and potentially in a slightly different way beyond the day-to-day, this challenged us to think about how we move the dial for our client, and how do we support them. It was a really good experience

Amy Corfield
Consultant , Pinstone


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